When I was little, my mom had this old travel chest where she stored the family photos. Now and then I would ask to look through them and I remember the delight it brought me...seeing family, my parents when they were young, and I pondered the times gone by. Each year more photos would be added to that box.

By the time I was 14, as a natural organizer, I couldn’t handle the chaos of that box anymore! I took it upon myself to sort through, organize and divide the photos up equally between my parents and my siblings so that we would all have a representation of our family life. It brought me great satisfaction to do this!

Fast forward a few decades and I find myself in Nova Scotia, after having enjoyed living in faraway lands and different cultures and benefiting from the skills that several careers brought me, I wondered what my next career would be. One day, in my search for ideas, I came upon the growing profession of Personal Photo Organizers. I knew in that moment that this career would perfectly combine my skills and passions.

Past to Present Photos was created to help you in the process of organizing, preserving and securing your memories so that you can enjoy them now and also share them with the future generations. My passion for organization, technological skills and enjoyment of helping others is the perfect combination to help bring order to your photo chaos.