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Your Story, Your Photos

At Past to Present Photos we firmly believe that everyone has a story to share... memories of days gone past, children grown, adventures enjoyed, lives that have been lived through the hard times and the good times. Your story is unique and special, it's worth sharing. What better way to do this than through your photos.

You may have a multitude of printed photos or perhaps in the recent years of technology you've accumulated a myriad of digital photos. Whatever their form they tell your story which is worth the time to preserve for you to enjoy in the present and pass on to the future.

Photo Preservation and Organization Services

-photo organization for digital & printed photos

-print / slide / negative scanning

-slideshow & photo book creation

At Past to Present Photos we tailor our services to meet your needs and budget. Affordable help is here, whether you just need a few hours of help to get started on your project or want a completed project handed back to you, we are ready to start!

Preserve Your Photos

Past to Present Photos is conveniently located in Annapolis Royal, so give us a call today to schedule a free 30 min consultation with a professional photo organizer. 

You've looked long enough at your pile of photos, dealing with the feelings of guilt and being overwhelmed and its time to take action. Together we can work to take your photo chaos out of storage, where it lies lost to the past, and preserve it for the future. We can make your memories sharable!

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us." - Ralph Hattersley


Photos make great gifts!

Need a gift idea for your loved one?  Whether it be a special birthday, anniversary, Father's or Mother's Day, wedding, or graduation, give the extrordinary this year that will touch the heart and bring years of enjoyment. Past to Present Photos can create photo books or slide shows with pictures you supply commemorating the milestones in life.

Gift certificates are also available for someone you know that could use help with their photos.


What can I expect when I contact you for the first time? When you first contact Past to Present Photos, we will set up an initial free 30 min consultation meeting. This meeting can be conducted over the phone or in person. We will briefly discuss your project, gathering a few details. You will be provided with options and pricing at which point you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Will my printed photo collection be organized at my house? This is dependant on a few factors. Is this what you prefer? If so, do you have a safe space that can be dedicated to the organization process? If the answer is no to either of these questions, then I will carefully and safely transport and organize your photos at Past to Present Photo's work space.

My photo collection is already organized into albums. Should I consider changing that? The first question to ask is whether your albums are protecting your photos or slowly destroying them. If your albums contain acid (which most of the older albums do, especially the sticky ones) your photos are discouloring and slowly deteriorating.  I would highly recommend removing photos from those albums and either put them in photo archival boxes or into new acid free albums. 

Next question to ask is whether you would like to minimize the space requirements for your collection.  If so, then removing them from the albums and placing them in an organized archival photo box would help with that. You would still be able to easily find and view these photos. And when its time to pass on your collection, the task becomes easier.

In all instances, I recommend scanning your photos, whether they are to stay in the albums or boxes, scanning creates an additional copy and allows for easier sharing with our technology based generations.


Minimum scanning charge $10. Please contact about pricing for other services


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